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Dad/Daughter Grocery Store Selfies

Michelle Watson

It all started about four years ago when my dad and I began grocery shopping on Monday nights.  It seemed to work out that our schedules synced and somehow it soon became a weekly tradition. 

Slow but sure, we began to notice that the often dreaded job of walking through food aisles with lists in hand became much more fun when we joined forces. I guess you could say that we found a new way to bond as dad and daughter while journeying the long corridors of jars and cans, boxes and bags.

One of the most unique aspects through all of this has been that whenever we miss a Monday night many of the clerks ask why we weren’t there, which is an interesting kind of community to be building without having been aware that we were building one! 

Then, (as if that wasn’t enough) somewhere along the way we began taking goofy pictures with things we’d find around the store. First there were silly hats we forced each other to wear at Christmastime... 

...followed by seasonal items here or there…


Now I’ll let you in on the real scoop: I’m usually the one who talks my dad into doing these inane poses.  Often he’s past the point of embarrassment, trying to get the pictures done fast and in the least conspicuous way as possible. But he really is a great sport, entering in fully, and in the end we’re always laughing. Life is too short not to laugh more, don’t you think?!

What I can tell you as a daughter is that it’s less about my dad spending money on me and more about him spending time with me.  He is bringing himself to the party! 

The bottom line is that my dad joins in because he loves me.  He puts up with my silliness because he enjoys having fun with me.  Do you know what a bright spot this is for me?  

Your daughters need this kind of fun, silly, bonding time with you too.

...until finally it became a weekly challenge to find random items to stick on our heads for a crazy photo op. (I’m not quite sure how headwear became “the thing,” but it did!)

Whether we’re donning hats or pails, fruit or ribbon, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we’re creating a forever memory.  And what I love is that none of this costs anything, except a little time and creativity.  In fact, this has now become a tradition that I look forward to and treasure deep in my heart. 

You can probably see where I’m going with this. I finally asked myself: What if this dad-daughter selfie thing became a contagious nationwide phenomenon where dads (or any “version” of a dad, be it a mentor dad, foster dad, step dad, etc) and daughters across America started taking pictures in grocery stores with whatever items they could find and then shared them?  

So I’m inviting you to join me and my dad in this crazy, silly, fun, funny venture!  And I’m especially inviting dads with adult daughters to enter in. We grown-up girls need our dads too! 

If you post on Facebook, “like” my author page at Dr. Michelle Watson and post your picture there.  If Instagram is more your thing, tag me at @michellejwatson and share your picture.  And if you prefer Twitter, tag me at @mwatsonphd and use the hash tag #daddaughterselfie.  

Dads, I’d love to see your creativity expressed in leading your daughters do this.  

But most importantly, we as daughters just want you to know Dads that we love having fun with you, especially when we feel that you enjoy being with us.  I know we seem complicated, but a little love and attention go a long way to capturing our hearts.  

Let the photos begin!