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10 Reasons I Thank God He Made Fathers

Michelle Watson

10 reasons im thankful for fathers.jpg

I realize that we’re a week past Thanksgiving, but the idea of giving thanks is still on my heart. So I figured it was a fitting time to let you dads hear about why I’m thankful that God made you.

First, the backstory. Having come alongside girls and young women now for the past four decades, I can undoubtedly say that a father is one, if not the most important person in her life.

Yes, moms are essential and necessary and important on more levels than I can count, but every woman with a dialed-in dad will confirm that he has been vital to developing her core sense of identity. It’s her relationship with her father that has helped to build her self esteem and self worth. Even more, she will tell you that the foundation that her dad laid (or didn’t lay) has significantly impacted how she still views herself today.


Now back to you as dads. I want you to know what I honestly think and believe about you. Plain and clear. Straight to the point. 
This is why you really matter and why your presence makes a difference in the lives of your daughters:

  1. You are the one whose opinion matters most. 

  2. Your attention communicates more per square inch than you could ever imagine.
    (I’m not sure why it does, but it just does. You’ll have to believe me on that one!)

  3. When you show up, it carries more relational weight than most anyone else.

  4. When you provide for her needs, she settles into knowing she’ll truly be okay.

  5. When you look at her with love in your eyes, you are placing a deposit into her heart so deep that she will hold it there long afterwards.

  6. Your smile tells her she’s loved and special, treasured and valued.

  7. You make her day when you kindly respond to her, especially when you go out of your way to give your last bit of energy just to let her know you’re there for her.

  8. When you’re proud of her, she thrives in doing anything possible to ensure that it stays that way.

  9. When you’re around, she feels safe.

  10. Your support makes her believe she can do anything as long as you’re there to cheer her on!

 So just in case you ever think that your presence in your daughter’s life is less than essential or even insignificant, please trust me when I say that this couldn’t be further from the truth.
I am thankful for each of you and the way you are literally changing the core of our culture from the ground up as you intentionally and consistently invest in your daughter’s hearts! 
To sum it up, I simply say, “thanks Dads.”