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I exist to help dads learn to communicate and engage with their young adult daughters.  I provide resources from my vast amounts of research and experience with dads and daughters, and this is the place where you'll find the tools you need to become the hero you've always wanted to be.


My Birthday Wish

Michelle Watson


Today is my birthday and I’m 58 years old.
Wow…saying that out loud really does serve as a reality check! But honestly, I’m not one of those women who keeps her age a secret (obviously). I know it’s just a number, right?

Today I’m inviting you to join me in my celebration as I make a wish while simultaneously blowing out a massive number of candles on THE best homemade carrot cake ever made! (Seriously…my mom’s cake could win awards).

Piece of Cake.jpg

So here’s my birthday wish: That every dad reading this blog will immediately touch base with his daughter, which will be like blowing her a kiss by speaking words of love, life, and blessing to her.
That, my friend, is what we on Venus call a “heart turn.”
I want every heart of every dad to turn toward his daughter in a renewed way…today.

Now if you happen to be a dad who has a burned out bridge with your daughter, then my birthday wish for you is that you will do whatever it takes to rebuild or repair that bridge. Humble yourself, listen to how you’ve hurt her, ask for forgiveness, make amends, and then do something fun (a.k.a. reparative and restorative) together. 

Gary is one of my new heroes, proving that it's NEVER TOO LATE to do the right thing. He gave me permission to share his words with you:

"As I was listening to some of your podcasts today I was crying because I have been such a BAD dad through the last 30 years. I have been on a journey of trying to heal my own wounds. It’s a long story but today my daughter and I are leaving for a Father/Daughter trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico. All because your podcasts gave me the idea!!!! I’m 62 and she will be 30 this year.


I tried to get your book today so we could have it for a the trip but the local Barnes and Noble book store does not have it in stock, so I’ll have to order one when we get back home... 
Thank you for sharing your lovely heart and allowing me to gain wisdom through your heart!'"

Yes, this is what my heart truly longs for today and this is exactly what a father’s turned heart looks like: love backed with action. 
Dads, this is the best birthday present I could ever ask for!