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Portland, OR

I exist to help dads learn to communicate and engage with their young adult daughters.  I provide resources from my vast amounts of research and experience with dads and daughters, and this is the place where you'll find the tools you need to become the hero you've always wanted to be.


Michelle comes alive in front of an audience and thrives on "taking off her mask" while leading others to do the same.  Whether speaking to local or national audiences of teenagers, young adults, men’s groups or women’s forums, she loves bringing insights she has gleaned over the past few decades and making them both practical and applicable.

Using a combination of humor, psych-education, her redeemed backstory, and sharing from her heart about spiritual truths and life lessons, she is a vibrant speaker who looks forward to connecting with you. 



(2018, February). Westside Christian High School in Portland, OR

(2018, February). Messages on Mirrors and Other Power Tools: Equipping You to Be the Dad Your Daughter Needs. Higher Ground Men's Conference, Bellevue, WA.

(2017, November). Fatherhood CoMission, Rome, GA.

(2017, November). Multnomah University, Portland, OR.

(2017, March). IGNITE Women's Conference, Vancouver, WA.

(2017, February). IF: Tigard Women's Conference, Tigard, OR.

(2017, February). Messages on Mirrors. Father-Daughter Ball, Rockpoint Church, Lake Elmo, MN.

(2016, November). Being Your Daughter's Hero. Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs, CO.

(2016, June). Father-Daughter Segment on The Georgene Rice Show, KPDQ 93.9 fm, Portland, OR.

(2016, June). Father-Daughter Segment on AMNW-KATU Channel 2, Portland, OR.

(2016, April). Rockpoint Church Men's Gathering (via Skype), Lake Elmo, MN. 

(2016, March). IGNITE Women's Conference, Vancouver, WA.

(2016, February). Westside Christian High School, Portland, OR.

(2016, January). West Hills Christian School, Portland, OR.

(2015, October). Who's Your Daddy? Plenary Speaker and Workshop Presenter, Girls Conference, Beaverton, OR.

(2015, September). Empowering Women to Fight the Right Battle. Eve's Daughters, Portland, OR.

(2015, May).  Bones, Breath, Belonging. Liferoads Fellowship, Portland, OR.

(2015, May).  Re-engaging Fathers in the Church. Workshop Presenter, The Well Conference, Bend, OR.

(2015, May).  Messages on Mirrors, Speaker, West Hills Christian School, Portland, OR.

(2015, January).  How Big is Your But [God]? Women of Influence Conference, Tualatin, OR. 

(2014, November).  The Secret to Looking Up When Things Are Looking Down. Beaverton Foursquare Church, Beaverton, OR.

(2014, March).  My Story:  How I Got From There to Here. Trauma Recovery Conference, Vancouver, WA.

(2014, February).  What Kids REALLY Want From Their Dad. West Hills Christian School, Portland, OR.

(2014, January).  Like Father, Like Daughter: Finding Your True Identity In Your Abba Father God. Women of Influence Conference, Tualatin, OR. 

(2013, October).  Sticks and Stones:  Equipping Dads To Build A Legacy. Sunset Presbyterian Church Mens' Event, Beaverton, OR.

(2013, September).  My Story:  The Real, The Raw, and The Restoration. , Portland Business Luncheons, Portland, OR.

(2013, April).  Writing And Landing A Book Deal. Speaker, Faith and Culture Writers Connection, Portland, OR.

(2013, March).  Sticks and Stones:  Teaching Dads How To Invest With Precision. West Hills Christian School, Portland, OR.

(2013, February).  Eating Disorders 101. West Hills Christian School, Portland, OR.

(2012, December).  The Christmas Survival Guide For Women. 4Word, Portland, OR.

(2012, April).  Girls Rule and Boys Drool:  Holding True To Yourself in Today’s World. Beaverton Foursquare Church, Beaverton, OR.

(2010, July).  Who Are You?  Understanding the Truth of Your Identity. Portland Christian Center, Portland, OR.

(2009, May; 2011, May). God and the Bod. Beaverton Foursquare Church, Beaverton, OR.

(2008, June; 2008, July; 2010, June).  Who Are You?  Understanding the Truth of Your Identity. Beaverton Foursquare Church, Aldersgate Youth Camp, Turner, OR.

(2008, April).  Getting Through the Tuff Stuff With a Clear Head. Faith Bible High School, Portland, OR.  

(2006, February).  Eating Disorders and Adolescence. Sunset Presbyterian Church, Portland, OR.  


(2015, November).  Messages on Mirrors.  Plenary Speaker, National Coalition of Ministries to Men, Golden, CO.

(2015, November). Engaging Fathers in Fathering/Engaging Fathers with the Father. "Parenting U", Rolling Hills Community Church, Portland, OR.

(2015, September).  Messages on Mirrors.  Workshop Presenter, AACC, Nashville, TN.

(2015, June).  Embracing the Heart of Your Abba Father.  Plenary Speaker, Hungry for Hope, Franklin, TN.

(2011, June).  The Abba Project:  Changing Girls Lives One Dad at a Time.  Plenary Speaker, Hungry for Hope, Colorado Springs, CO.

(2008, January).  The Relationship Between Eating Disorder Symptomatology and Intrapersonal Forgiveness in Anorexic and Bulimic Adult Females.  Research Symposium Poster Presentation, Walden University, Dallas, TX 

(2007, March; 2008, February).  Eating Disorders and Adolescence:  Into the Open.  Keynote Speaker, Lincoln High School, Portland, OR.

(2007, February; 2008, March).  The Truth About Eating Disorders Through The Voices of Courageous Women.  Panel Discussion Facilitator, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR.

(2006, April).  Truth and Lies:  Cognitive Distortions, Spiritual Distortions, And Paths to Freedom.  Keynote Speaker, Grace Community Church, Gresham, OR.

(2006, February).  Eating Disorders Treatment Modalities in Relation to Current Forgiveness Research. Speaker, Psychology Colloquium, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR.

(2005, November; 2006, October; 2007, October; 2008, October; 2009, October).  Eating Disorders Overview:  Diagnosis and Treatment. Speaker, Psychology Colloquium, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR.

(2004, February).  Truth and Lies: Cognitive Distortions Rooted in Childhood Woundedness. Speaker, RHCC Community Church, Portland, OR.

(2005, April).  Eating Disorders Overview and Treatment Strategies. Speaker, Psychology Colloquium, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR. 

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