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I exist to help dads learn to communicate and engage with their young adult daughters.  I provide resources from my vast amounts of research and experience with dads and daughters, and this is the place where you'll find the tools you need to become the hero you've always wanted to be.

TDW Program List

08.19.19: Healing Father Wounds (Interview with Dr. Margaret Nagib)

08.12.19:It’s Never Too Late to Turn Things Around part 2 (Interview with Bill Dolan)

08.05.19: It’s Never Too Late to Turn Things Around (Interview with Bill Dolan)

07.29.19: 10 Things Dialed-in Dads of Daughters Don’t Do

07.22.19: How to Help Build Your Daughter’s Self Esteem

07.15.19: Growing Up in my Father’s Absence: Taylor’s Story

07.08.19: How to Help Your Daughter Find Her Voice

07.01.19: Principles of an Eternal-Minded Sports Dad (Interview with Mike Self)

06.24.19: What a Daughter Needs from her Dad (Interview with Mike Self)

06.17.19: How One Dad Made Things Right with His Daughter After an Affair (Interview with Mike Betts)

06.10.19: A Daughter's Body Image and How a Dad Can Help-Not Hinder

06.03.19: Fathering a Daughter with Unique Needs (Interview with Amy Roloff)

05.27.19: Keys for Securely Attaching to Your Daughter (Interview with Dr. Tim Clinton)

05.20.19: I Don’t Speak Car-Bridging the Dad-Daughter Communication Gap (Interview with Lauree Austin)

05.13.19: When Faith Fails and Daughters Doubt (Interview with Dominic Done)

05.06.19: Dad, Here Are Your Lines

04.29.19: Five Steps to Diffusing Emotional Blow-Ups With Your Daughter (Interview with Marc Alan Schelske)

04.22.19: The Impact of Gender on the Messages We Receive About Emotions (Interview with Marc Alan Schelske) 

04.15.19: Drop the Anger

04.08.19: Joining Your Daughter to Believe God for a Breakthrough (Interview with Jason Noble)

04.01.19: For Dads With Estranged Daughters  

03.25.19: Four Ways a Father Can Lead His Daughter to Draw Near to God (Interview with Dave Patty) 

03.18.19: Helping Your Daughter Close the Dream Gap

03.11.19: How a Dad Can Build God’s Smile Over His Daughter (Interview with Ed McGlasson)

03.04.19: The Blessing of a Father (Interview with Ed McGlasson)

02.25.19: There’s Power in a Name

02.18.19: How One Dad Dismantled His False Identity So He Could Be Rebuilt (Interview with David VanDiest)

02.11.19: Five Ways to Enhance Your Daughter’s Heart Health

02.04.19: Helping Your Daughter to Connect in a Disconnected Culture . (Interview with Joe Battaglia)

01.28.19: Understanding a Father’s Heart From an Emotional, Not a Program View  (Interview with Scott Lekan)

01.21.19: Six Words That Will Make You a Better Dad

01.14.19: What’s Up with Men and Anger? (Interview with Keith Jenkins)

01.07.19: Leaving a Legacy

12.31.18: Guarding Your Daughter’s Unshakeable Heart (Interview with Mark Lee)

12.24.18: Dad, Here are Your Lines

12.17.18: Capitalizing on Car Ride Conversations

12.10.18: What Makes a Dad a Hero?

12.03.18: Perfume Day with my Dad

11.26.18: Choosing Boys Wisely: How a Dad Can Help His Daughter (Interview with Terra Mattson)

11.19.18: Ten Tried and True Tips for Talking to Your Teen

11.12.18: Mrs. Dad: When a Mom Needs to Step into a Dad Role (Interview with Bo Stern)

11.05.18: How to “Date” Your Daughters (Interview with Joe Martin) 

10.29.18: Dads, Take Off Your Mask

10.22.18: How A Dad’s Written Legacy Lives on Through His Daughter (Interview with Gretchen Lindemann)

10.15.18: From Fatherless to Fathering (Interview with Sean Teis)

10.08.18: Dad, Tell Her Your Story

10.01.18: The Science and Power of Your Heart Brain (Interview with Dr. Margaret Nagib) 

09.24.18: Father Hunger: What Your Daughter is Starving For

09.17.18: GRANDS MATTER (Interview with Dr. Ken Canfield)

09.10.18: How Moms Can Support the Father-Daughter Connection (Interview with Connie Patty)

09.03.18: From Bondage to Freedom: The Path to Healing Father Wounds (Interview with Paul Young)

08.27.18: Healing Hurts, Healing Hearts

08.20.18: 10 Ways a Dad Can Raise an Empowered Daughter (Interview with Sarah Stump)

08.13.18: Activating Adventures with Your Girl (Interview with Jeff Mattson)

08.06.18: Why Messages on Mirrors Matter

07.30.18: Worshipping God Begins with Dad (Interview with Alonzo Chadwick)

07.23.18: How to Talk with Your Daughter About Suicide

07.16.18: How a Dad Turned His Heart 180° (Interview with Reed and Maggie Falkenberg)

07.09.18: Lead Her to Say MORE Than Yes to the Dress

07.02.18: Casting a Vision for Fathering (Interview with Armin Assadi)

06.25.18: What It Means to be a Dialed-in Dad

06.18.18: The Power of Rest in a Non-Stop World (Interview with AJ Swoboda)

06.11.18: Open to a Purpose Greater than Herself 

06.04.18: Teaching Your Daughters to Believe God for the Impossible(Interview with Jason Noble)

05.28.18: For Dads Only: Become the Dad Your Daughter Needs (Interview with Shaunti Feldhahn)

05.21.18: Dr. Seuss Weighs in on Fathering

05.14.18: Mr. Mom: Single Dad Survival Strategies . (Interview with Eric Robison)

05.07.18: The FATHER Formula

04.30.18: How to Raise a World Changer! (Interview with Dr. Lori Salierno-Maldonado)

04.23.18: Quality Time Does Not Replace Quantity Time

04.16.18: Healing Father Wounds (Interview with Dr. Margaret Nagib)

04.9.18: Facing Your Own Father Wounds

04.02.18: Dependent Independence: Partnering with Your Daughter as She Navigates Adulting (Interview with Hannah Ellenwood)

03.26.18: Helping Your Daughter Find Her Muchness

03.19.18: What It Takes to Be a Courageous Dad (Interview with Stephen Kendrick)

03.12.18: Investing in FOUR Daughters-in-Law: A Dad’s Journey (Interview with Jeff Kemp)

03.05.18: Holes in the Covering: How Porn Use by a Dad Hurts His Daughter

02.26.18: Dads, It’s Time to Start a Movement Against Sexual Assault

02.19.18: One Daughter and the Secret of Her Greatness (Interview with Eric Metaxas) 

02.12.18: Better Than a Dozen Roses: 12 Ways to Let Your Daughter Know She’s Your Valentine

02.05.18: The Science and Power of Your Heart Brain (Interview with Dr. Margaret Nagib)

01.29.18: 20 Things Your Daughter Really Longs For

01.15.18: How to Help Build Your Daughter’s Self Esteem

01.08.18: Finding Middle Ground with a Middle Schooler (Interview with Marc Alan Schelske)

01.01.18: Helping Your Daughter Shed Her False Self to Become Her True Self

12.25.17: Six Words That Will Make You a Better Dad

12.18.17: Put It In Writing

12.11.17: Perfume Day (Interview with Jim Watson)

12.04.17: Uncovering the Mystery of Our Emotions (Interview with Marc Alan Schelske)

11.27.17: Growing Healthy Fathers One Emotion at a Time (Interview with Marc Alan Schelske)

11.20.17: 10 Reasons I’m Thankful for Fathers

11.13.17: Being the Father You Never Had (Interview with Tom Mueller)  

11.06.17: Dads are Thermostats, Not Thermometers (Interview with Jackson Drumgoole)

10.30.17: Understanding Your Mysterious Daughter

10.23.17: How to Help Your Daughter Find Her Voice

10.16.17: Staying Connected Through Thick and Thin (Interview with Pastor Keith Jenkins and Keisha Medina)

10.09.17: Learn to Read Her Eyes

10.02.17: How Honorary Dads Can Heal an Honorary Daughter’s Hurting Heart (Interview with Felicia Snell)

09.25.17: Two Daughters are Doubly Good (Matthew West Interview)

09.18.17: Your Prized Possession: Tips from a Seasoned Dad on Nurturing Your Daughter  (Interview with Alan Smyth)

09.11.17: Dad Boot Camp: Five Bold Ideas for Engaging Your Daughter's Heart

09.04.17: 10 Things Dialed-in Dads Don’t Do

08.28.17: Drop the Anger

08.21.17: So What is a Spiritual Leader Anyway?

8.14.17: Messages on Mirrors

08.07.17: I’m Wondering

07.31.17: How to Fight Well with Your Daughter and Succeed! (Interview with Olivia Mills)

07.24.17: How Moms Can Support the Father-Daughter Connection (Interview with Connie Patty)

07.17.17: The Sturdier the Foundation, The Stronger the House: Why Dads Matter

07.10.17: When God Becomes a Real Father (Interview with Paul Young)

07.03.17: From Bondage to Freedom: The Path to Healing Father Wounds (Interview with Paul Young)

06.26.17: What Servant Leadership Looks Like (Interview with Jim Jones)

06.19.17: 25 things My Dad Taught Me That Have Carried Me 25 Years Without Him (Interview with Brooke Perry)

06.12.17: How Two Dads Spent Nine Months Becoming Better Dads (Interview with Greg Theim and Dan Forney)

06.05.17: When You Long for your Dad to See You (Interview with Lee Wolfe Blum)

05.29.17: How to Win the Heart of Your Teenage Daughter (Interview with Maddie and Steve Pringle)

05.22.17: Sticks and Stones: To Throw or Build, That is the Question

05.15.17: HERO: Being the Strong Father Your Children Need (Interview with Dr. Meg Meeker) 

05.08.17: What One Father Has to Say About Raising His Adult Daughter (Interview with Joe Battaglia)

05.01.17: Have You Hugged Your Daughter Today?

04.24.l7: Insights about Fathering from a Relationship Expert (Interview with Dr. Gregg Jantz)

04.17.17: Rebuilding the Bridge to Your Daughter’s Heart

04.10.17: When Your Daughter Writes You Out of Her Life Story (Interview with Dave Murrow)

04.03.17: How You Can Become an Active Listener

03.27.17: You’ve Gotta Talk to Your Daughter about Sex

03.20.17: Making Amends: How One Dad Did It Right (Interview with Leanne Sype and Scott Popkes)

03.13.17: 10 Things Dialed-in Dads of Daughters Don’t Do

03.06.17: Fathering a Daughter with Unique Needs (Interview with Amy Roloff)

02.27.17: A Daughter’s Body Image and How Dad Can Help, Not Hinder

02.20.17: Single Daughters REALLY Need Their Dads Too (Interview with Lauree Austin) 

02.13.17: What Romance Means to Your Daughter

02.06.17: Royalty: What It Looks Like to Raise a Warrior Princess

01.30.17: Father Hunger: What Your Daughter is Starving For

01.23.17: GRANDS MATTER (Interview with Dr. Ken Canfield)

01.16.17: Growing Up in my Father’s Absence: Taylor’s Story

01.09.17: So What is a Spiritual Leader Anyway?

01.02.17: Drop the Anger

12.26.16: Leaving a Legacy

12.19.16: Put It In Writing

12.12.16: DADS MATTER  (Interview with Dr. Ken Canfield)

12.05.16: Perfume Day:  A Conversation with my Dad

11.28.16: Dad, Here are Your Lines

11.21.16: Question to Learn

11.14.16: A Father’s Heart: How One Dad Never Gave Up (Interview with Alf PeBenito)

11.07.16: Sticks and Stones

10.31.16: Trick or Treat: A New Spin on Fathering

10.24.16: Messages on Mirrors

10.17.16: I’m Wondering