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I exist to help dads learn to communicate and engage with their young adult daughters.  I provide resources from my vast amounts of research and experience with dads and daughters, and this is the place where you'll find the tools you need to become the hero you've always wanted to be.

The Dad Whisperer Podcast

It’s my joy and honor to equip dads with practical tools to better dial into their daughters’ hearts.

With 20 years of experience as a licensed professional counselor and over 35 years working directly with teens and young adult women; Dr. Michelle Watson brings practical wisdom to dads with daughters of all ages.

10 Things Dialed-in Dads of Daughters Don't Do

Michelle Watson

Dad, as a way to support your desire to connect with your daughter’s heart, I will highlight 10 “landmines” to avoid if you want to raise a healthy, vibrant, loving, and spirited daughter. Join me today on The Dad Whisperer to learn 10 things dialed-in dads don’t do!

Drop the Anger

Michelle Watson

Think back to when you were a child and your dad got angry with you. Depending on the intensity of his anger, you were either SHAMED or SHAPED. Today I'm shedding light on the importance of a dad dropping his anger--while providing practical ways to reach that goal--in order to touch the ♥️ of his daughter--and son. 

So What is a Spiritual Leader Anyway?

Michelle Watson

Dad: What do you immediately think of when hearing the words, "SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP"? If you're like most men, this is a challenging topic. Listen in today as I give PRACTICAL & ACHIEVABLE ways to lead your daughters spiritually--and much of this comes directly from daughters! 

I'm Wondering

Michelle Watson

Dad, do you ever wish you had an easier way to make a positive impact in the life of your kids? Today I'm giving you an easy, TWO-WORD TOOL for your fathering toolbox that will make a HUGE difference in how you communicate (and yes, this technique works for ALL your relationships, not just with your girls!). #thedadwhisperer #twowordtool 

How to Fight Well with Your Daughter and Succeed

Michelle Watson

If you're a dad with a teenage daughter and could use some pointers on how to navigate conflict when you push each other's buttons, you're going to LOVE hearing from 14-year-old Olivia Mills today on The Dad Whisperer. She opens up about how she and her dad fight well...and succeed in staying allied! 

The Sturdier the Foundation, the Stronger the House: Why Dads Matter

Michelle Watson

Dads, do you ever wonder if you are all that important in the lives of your kids, especially if mom is covering a lot of the parenting bases? Today I'm giving you 10 reasons that fathers really matter, with the title, “The Sturdier the Foundation, the Stronger the House.” I trust you’ll be challenged by hearing why your daughter and son desperately need YOU! #thedadwhisperer #dadsmatter

When God Becomes a Real Father

Michelle Watson

I invite you to listen in today as my dear friend, Paul Young, shares more of his story about how God as a Father brought healing and became close as his Papa. (You'll love hearing the backstory to how he landed on the name "Papa"). I hope you can join us live, online (at, or on iTunes!

From Bondage to Freedom- The Path to Healing Father Wounds

Michelle Watson

Just a reminder that tomorrow on The Dad Whisperer you'll get to hear Part 2 of my interview with the best hugger on the planet, Paul Young! (I describe them as "holy hugs" because they are so healing). Last week he opened up about his relationship with his dad and this week he will be talking more specifically about God as his Father, his Papa.

And remember that if you're not in your car or near a radio, you can go to the KPDQ website and click "listen live" on the upper right corner of the screen...or listen later and subscribe on iTunes.

What Servant Leadership Looks Like

Michelle Watson

Jim Jones, president of Valiant Leaders, has been a friend of mine since high school and today on The Dad Whisperer he will be sharing about the qualities that shape leaders--and fathers--both inside and outside the home. As a father to three sons and a grandfather to four granddaughters, as well as having been a pastor for 16 years, Jim comes to this topic with extensive personal experience and a heart to inspire fathers to be the leaders they want to be.

When You Long for your Dad to See You

Michelle Watson

Today my dear friend and author ("Brave is the New Beautiful"), Lee Wolfe Blum vulnerably shares about growing up with a deep longing for her dad to see her yet feeling invisible much of the time. You will love hearing her powerful story of healing that came after years of pain. 

How to Win the Heart of Your Teenage Daughter

Michelle Watson

My friend Maddie Pringle is 16 years old and she recently told me that her dad is one of her best friends (how awesome is that?!) 😄 If you want to hear how she and her dad are thriving during her teenage years--with dad Steve opening up about how he wins her heart ♥️--listen in today on The Dad Whisperer.

HERO: Being the Strong Father Your Children Need

Michelle Watson

Pediatrician, author, and fathering expert, Dr. Meg Meeker joins me to talk about her newest book that launches TODAY titled, “Hero: Being the Strong Father Your Children Need.” She brings a wealth of wisdom to this topic and I guarantee that it will be worth your time to listen to this amazing national influencer as she shares insights gained from years of investing in dads.