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I exist to help dads learn to communicate and engage with their young adult daughters.  I provide resources from my vast amounts of research and experience with dads and daughters, and this is the place where you'll find the tools you need to become the hero you've always wanted to be.

The Dad Whisperer Podcast

It’s my joy and honor to equip dads with practical tools to better dial into their daughters’ hearts.

With 20 years of experience as a licensed professional counselor and over 35 years working directly with teens and young adult women; Dr. Michelle Watson brings practical wisdom to dads with daughters of all ages.

I Don't Speak Car-Bridging the Dad-Daughter Communication Gap (Interview with Lauree Austin)

Michelle Watson

Today on The Dad Whisperer I’ve titled the show, “I Don’t Speak Car,” where I’ll be sharing some communication challenges I’ve had with men while inviting you as dads to look at similar dynamics you have with your daughters. And for an extra special treat, my friend Lauree Austin will be opening up about similar experiences she’s had to mine. It’s going to be a fun show and we’d love you to join us! 🚗🚕🚙

Dad, Here are Your Lines

Michelle Watson

Since men read lines and women read BETWEEN lines, it stands to reason that daughters are constantly reading between the lines in their interactions (or lack of) with their dads. Today on The Dad Whisperer I’ll be giving you dads some “insider Venusian trade secrets” that are clearly stated…on the lines!

Five Steps To Diffusing Emotional Blow-Ups With Your Daughter (Interview with Marc Alan Schelske)

Michelle Watson

Hey Dads…Are you in a season where your daughter's emotional intensity levels have you lost without a road map for navigating the rocky terrain? If so, you’re going LOVE hearing today from my wise friend, Marc Schelske, who is a dad himself and lives out the things he teaches. We’d love you to join us as Marc shares FIVE STEPS TO DIFFUSING EMOTIONAL BLOW-UPS WITH YOUR DAUGHTER!

Drop the Anger

Michelle Watson

Think back to when you were a child and your dad got angry with you. Depending on the intensity of his anger, you were either SHAMED or SHAPED. Today I'm shedding light on the importance of a dad dropping his anger--while providing practical ways to reach that goal--in order to touch the heart of his daughter--and son.

Joining Your Daughter to Believe God for a Breakthrough (Interview with Jason Noble)

Michelle Watson

Hey everyone…you’re in for a BIG treat today because my great friend, @jason.noble is joining me on The Dad Whisperer to speak to dads about how to join your daughters in believing God for a breakthrough. Jason is the pastor who is portrayed by Topher Grace in the upcoming movie BREAKTHROUGH🎥 that will be released ‪on April 17th‬ AND he’s the author of the newly released book, BREAKTHROUGH TO YOUR MIRACLE📘(which I had the privilege of endorsing!). This is a conversation that will definitely inspire you! 

For Dads With Estranged Daughters

Michelle Watson

I get more emails from BROKEN-HEARTED💔 dads around the country who have estranged daughters than I do anything else. That is why I want to talk openly about this dilemma on The Dad Whisperer while giving you as dads proactive strategies for moving forward. If this is where your relationship is at with your daughter in this season, I encourage you to join me today.

Four Ways a Father Can Lead His Daughter to Draw Near to God (Interview with Dave Patty)

Michelle Watson

It is such a privilege to have my friend of 35+ years, Dave Patty, joining me today on The Dad Whisperer. Dave is the president of Josiah Venture, which is based in Eastern Europe, and he has had worldwide influence in helping people work through their father wounds and voids in order to connect with God as their Heavenly Father. Join us today as Dave shares FOUR WAYS a father can lead his daughter TO DRAW NEAR TO GOD

Helping Your Daughter Close the Dream Gap

Michelle Watson

Hey Dads…did you know there is something called “the dream gap” that keeps your daughter from believing that she can do and be anything she wants to do and be? If you want to learn how to support her with more precision, you’ll definitely want to listen today as I unpack the research and give you practical ideas for helping to CLOSE THE DREAM GAP for your daughter!

The Blessing of a Father (Interview with Ed McGlasson pt 1)

Michelle Watson

Today we have the privilege of hearing from my friend and former NFL lineman who played with the Giants, the Jets, and the Rams, Ed McGlasson, as he talks about the importance of a dad giving a blessing to his daughter. He’ll also share some of his own story that will cause you as a dad to want to follow his lead.

There's Power In a Name

Michelle Watson

Dads, did you know that there is POWER in your daughter’s name due to the fact that her name is tied to her identity and self worth? Today I’ll be sharing some practical and creative ways that you can powerfully invest in your daughter with the way you affirm her name…and her nickname!

How One Dad Dismantled His False Identity So He Could Be Rebuilt (Interview with David Van Diest)

Michelle Watson

Today is a raw and real day on The Dad Whisperer as my COURAGEOUS guest, David Van Diest, takes off his mask and admits to a pornography addiction that significantly impacted his life for over two decades. If you want to be inspired by the story of a man whose false identity was dismantled so that his true identity could be rebuilt, then you’ll definitely want to tune in to our conversation today.

Understanding a Father's Heart From an Emotional, Not a Program View (Interview with Scott Lekan)

Michelle Watson

Today I have the privilege of talking with my friend, Scott Lekan, who is the Commissioner of the Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) in the Department of Health and Human Services in Washington DC. As a dad to two daughters, he’ll be sharing about his roles as a leader in his home, as well as in our nation. You’ll be amazed at his humility as he reveals his journey of understanding a father’s heart from an emotional, not just a program view.

What's Up With Men and Anger (Interview with Keith Jenkins)

Michelle Watson

Today on The Dad Whisperer I've invited my pastor and friend, Keith Jenkins, to share his story of trekking through the maze of anger that used to strangle him to now be living in a place of freedom over rage. The title of our interview is: What’s Up with Men and Anger? Trust me…this is an interview you don’t want to miss!

Leaving a Legacy (originally aires on 12.26.16)

Michelle Watson

If we’re being honest, with all that’s piled on our life plates, it’s super challenging to think past today while creating a plan for LEAVING A LEGACY. For that reason, today I’m breaking down this topic into practical action steps so that you as a dad will know how to make intentional deposits into your daughter’s life that will last a lifetime!